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Happy Tails!

Jade (pictured on the right) is one of hundreds of ferrets we have helped to find loving new homes. As Jade's new parents Dawn & Peter said, it's a great thing to watch a newly-adopted pet dance with joy, knowing you made that happiness possible.

This page brings you just a handful of our success stories. Not all rescues have a happy ending, by any means - but we treasure the ones that do. Won't you open your heart and help write another happy tale?

"I adopted Salt and Pepper in April of 2009. Salt was a 4-year-old silver and Pepper was a 3-year-old sable. These two girls are a wonder. They adjusted well to their new home and love to wander around the house and investigate everything ... [When] I started their leash training ... you would have thought I was torturing them; they were highly annoyed but after a bit, they adjusted to the leashes and I slowly started them on adventures outside. I don't think that they had ever been outside before, because they did not understand grass on that front lawn! But they soon found a little patch of dirt and some shrubs that were great fun. Now, they see the leashes and they get so excited because they know the fun is about to begin!"

Shari L.

"One for my husband (Marley), and one for my daughter (Crackers). I was still not convinced that I wanted to or would bond with a ferret. While waiting to complete our adoption (and while Marley and Crackers were flailing about in a playpen, being adorable), I was milling about and decided to visit Bear. His story was a bit sad. He had been at the shelter for six months, after living with his human and ferret companion for 4.5 years. His ferret partner developed adrenal disease and they then developed an intense dislike for each other, so he was all alone. To make it worse, he was slated for adoption that day, but the family that came by decided that they were not a match for him. Well, of course, once I picked up this humongous, fat, sleepy ferret, I was hooked! I had to have him ... Flash forward a year and they are doing fabulously well. They have truly brought more delight and joy into our lives than we could have imagined!"

The Davis-Rackerby family

Read more Happy Tails on our Foster Parents page. Fostering gets a ferret out of the shelter and into a home environment. Our shelter currently has more than 20 foster homes throughout the region. Fostering is a win-win for all!

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