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Resources and Links

Here are links to some of the best websites with information about ferrets. We've also included some links to community message boards and shopping websites. Thanks for visiting us, and please feel welcome to let us know of a good link we should include here. You are also welcome to link to our website from yours.



Read or print out our brochure on ferret care. The free Adobe Reader can be downloaded here.

We highly reccomend the book Ferrets for Dummies (2nd edition). It's really not "for dummies" -- it happens to be one of the best and most comprehensive books available on ferret care.

For more information on ferrets, check out these sites:
  • The Ferret FAQ at (although some of the medical information and other links are outdated, this is still a great source of general information on ferrets)
  • American Ferret Association (lots of information including shelter and veterinarian lists, health information and news)
  • Everything Ferret (another great site, well-organized and easy to read with a wide variety of topics)
  • Small Animal Channel (an online magazine about ferrets and other small critters, with comprehensive news and expert articles about health, housing, behavior, play and enrichment, and more)

Message boards

If you're a member of Facebook or have a Yahoo account, there are numerous boards and groups where you can join in discussions. For example, Yahoo has the Ferret Health List, an American Ferrets Association group and many regional and ferret shelter groups. Facebook has those too, as well as Support Our Shelters and F.E.R.R.E.T. pages. One popular message board that recently celebrated its 25h anniversary is the Ferret Mailing List (FML). To subscribe, email the moderator, Bill Gruber, at

Specific health care topics


Shelter support websites

Many individual shelters maintain Facebook pages and periodically hold auctions there. Check to see if your local shelter has a page, or search for a ferret club or group in your region. Shelter websites also often list individual ferrets to sponsor, which helps to buy food, medical care and other necessities. Below are some general websites that support ferrets (for example, the Auction House raises money for a different shelter every week via auctions on Facebook).

Disaster preparedness and response

Shopping websites

  • (many shelters post their adoptable kids on this website)
  • Sanitation in Animal Shelters from the UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program
  • ASPCA Professional Webinars - a fantastic resource for shelter operators and foster caregivers who are concerned about disease prevention protocols, adoption rates, public relations and fundraising, and behavioral / housing issues

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