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The Washington Ferret Rescue & Shelter is a licensed Washington State non-profit organization with federal 501(c)3 non-profit status. Tangible gifts to the shelter (cash, supplies) are tax-deductible in accordance with IRS law.

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Visit our GoFundMe to easily contribute to the care of our ferrets and the success of our shelter.

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Even the smallest gift can help save a ferret's life. Donating only $5 feeds a ferret for a month.

Donating Money

Monetary donations are the best way to donate to the shelter. None of our staff or volunteers are paid, so your money is used exclusively for the benefit of our ferrets. Expenses include rent, utilities, laundry, cleaning, food, litter, medicines, veterinary care, and much more.

You can donate directly through PayPal (@washingtonferret) or Zelle (donations@washingtonferret.org), or send a paper check in the mail. PayPal takes a small fee, while Zelle does not, but we greatly appreciate any way you choose to give!

Many employers will match your donation! Some will also donate to the shelter based on how many hours you volunteer, or have a grant program for nominated charities. Ask your employer about any charity programs they may have that could benefit the shelter, and have them contact us for any required paperwork.

Donating Time

We can always use help cleaning cages, trimming nails and just giving the ferrets attention. There are many ways you can help the shelter and improve the ferrets' quality of life! Visit our Volunteer page for a list of opportunities - something is sure to meet your needs and interests. Or, if you would like to drop by the shelter and meet some kids (and us), contact us to make an appointment.

One of the best ways you can support the shelter is to adopt or foster one (two, three or ???) ferrets. We'd be happiest if all of our fuzzies found great new homes!

Donating Items

Another way you can donate to the shelter is by providing one or more of the items from our wish list. We can always use donated ferret supplies and equipment. These items are considered tangible goods, and may be counted as charitable deductions on your tax return. You'll need documentation of the cost or value, such as a store receipt or appraisal form, and proof of your donation to the shelter (usually a letter or email of thanks from us).

Our Amazon Wish List is an easy place to start; the items will be sent directly to us!

Items we are always in need of include:

If you have anything you'd like to donate that's not already on our wish list, please contact us to see if your items might be useful. During the summer and fall, for instance, our volunteers sometimes host yard sales to raise money for the shelter.

Thank you so much for your support - without it, the Washington Ferret Rescue & Shelter could not continue giving ferrets lifesaving assistance, safety and comfort, and a chance to experience happiness and love!