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Dook Soup Recipe

Dook Soup Recipe; text below

Ferret 'Dook Soup' made with Recovery Recipe

From Vondelle McLaughlin, Shelter Director: Washington Ferret Rescue & Shelter recipe to save sick ferrets that are not eating, have been having hypoglycemic episodes, are getting through and post coccidia, and a number of other problems.


  • 2 parts ground kibble (Whatever they are used to eating)
  • 1 part Harrison's Recovery


  • Mix with warm water until it is soupy, or consistency for hand-feeding through a syringe.
  • Make a fresh batch for each feeding.

"The Recovery recipe has saved many. It is now a major part of our health program."
- Cathy Johnson-Delaney, DVM
Mukilteo, Washington State

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